66 Meaning| Trust In the Higher Source
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66 Meaning| Trust In the Higher Source

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


Have you been seeing the number 6 or 66 lately? Since 66 is doubled the 6 vibrations are stronger. The 6 vibration is about balance, harmony, service to others and empathy. The Chinese culture review the number 6 as a positive and fortunate number. They view number 66 as a positive trait since most of them look forward to making it to the age 66. When someone reached their 66th birthday it’s an indication from the Divine that they will live a long life. In numerology 66 is about the domestic life and being able to nurture a loving and caring home with creativity. Since this number has a 3 vibration, communication within the home is going to be important. From a biblical perspective in the Protestant version, which happens to have 66 books and its teachings can save guilty sinners from the absolute disaster of dying and going to hell forever. Since God tried so many times to change mans' bad behavior, and as a result noticed these people continued to sin. He then decided, after many patient and merciful efforts, to reform human beings with his last resort of sending his own Son Jesus... to teach us, then to die for us as punishment for our sins. So, there was a rescue, and it was associated with the number 66. 

From a spiritual perspective 66 represents abundance, love, harmony, and creativity. It’s time to trust in the higher source and know that a new beginning is near which will be filled with the vibrations of the number 6, but stronger. Remember to remain faithful and grateful while keeping love and joy in your heart.


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