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555 | Get Ready for Massive Change

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

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The 5 vibration is a playful energy that's full of ideas and a need for revolutionary change. The 5 is the rebellion, very similar to the Uranus energy. By there being three 5s this intensifies the 5 vibration of massive change coming. As with all numbers and things in life there's a light side and a shadow side and although 55 represents reform there can be a strong desire for change right now causing a lack of patience. A positive side of 55 is its ability to see beyond the shadows and want to merge the inner soul with the higher self of the divine.

Now 555 is a message to keep yourself protected and keep a positive mind as massive change is coming and it's coming to teach you something. So, remember no matter if the message of change is good or bad it's all for your better development and the way you transform from these lessons will dictate your future. Building a stronger faith and intuition will help guide you in a more harmonious way through these changes. Please remember that the Divine and your angels are listening and don't be afraid to ask for a help and guidance

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