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555 Angel Number | 555 Meaning | Started From the Bottom

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My Story of the Angel Number 555

As you are experiencing an awakening you will notice quite a few signs especially early in the morning. I have gotten so many random texts in the morning from people that I know and don't know. When you get these messages early in the morning, it's a need to wake up, it's important to look at the time or anything else going on around you to understand what the Divine wants you to do. One early morning, the number 5:55 popped up and at that moment I was thinking about the heavy workload I had for that day. I was trying not to become overwhelmed. Angel number 555 is saying yes, we know you are feeling overwhelmed by duties, we know you are working hard. But currently, you still need a little more work. Challenges may come, but are you going to give up? Are you going to let all that hard work go to waste? I have listed a few healing remedies for this energy below. 

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555 Numerology Meaning

The 5 vibration is playful energy that's full of ideas and a need for revolutionary change. The 5 is the rebellion, very similar to the Uranus energy. By there being three 5s this intensifies the 5 vibration, indicating massive change is coming. As with all numbers and things in life, there's a light side and a shadow side and although 55 represents reform there can be a strong desire for change right now causing a lack of patience. A positive side of 55 is its ability to see beyond the shadows and want to merge the inner soul with the higher self of the divine.

Angel Number 555 Spiritual Meaning 

If you have been the type of person wishing and praying for stability and freedom than the Universe wants you to know that some things in life just aren't going to be easy and this is a test to make sure you are disciplined and not rushing through things. 555 meaning is that you must stay focused on the end goal despite the obstacles. Sometimes in life, it's so easy for us to want to quit when things don't go our way. When that job didn't come through or when a person we care about ignores us. But sometimes in life, it's all about being able to accept setbacks.

Typically, 555 relates to a spiritual career path. See most of us tend to find deep spirituality after we have been through a huge storm in life. In the past, we may have experienced negligent, broken relationships, dead-end jobs,  ratchet situations, and/or even experiencing health issues.

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 Astrology meaning of Angel 555

In astrology, the angel number 555 can be linked to the Gemini/3rd house and Pisces/12th house energy (even if you are experiencing any of these placements during a transit). Now if you have the Moon in Gemini 12th house (or any Gemini placements in your inner planets) then you will be familiar with these energies of feeling like your mind and thoughts are scattered. You can have strong intelligence, but you can become over-analytical and even confused by your thoughts. If you are feeling this way I suggest working on your solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras. Staying away from drugs or addictive tendencies (such as food, sex, dependence, and etc.) will be beneficial. Also listening to empowering and balancing music can help uplift you. I also have other holistic suggestions below. The overall energy of 555 is the planet Saturn (due to the limitations and hard work).

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Career Path for 555 

Angel Number 555 holds creative energy, so to help boost this energy it will be important to seek help from your angels and to also work on your sacral chakra which can help merge your creative energy and emotional energy. With the 555 angel number, it means that in your career or project endeavors that you may have been a bouncer (meaning you bounced from one job to the next) and this is especially true if you have karmic lesson 4 in your numerology chart. If you haven't gotten a numerology reading yet you can get one for about $10 (prices can vary). Also, in astrology, if you have the Moon in Pisces/12th house this can cause confusion around career if the Moon is also in Virgo/6th house or Capricorn/10th house. The Moon represents frequent changes in whatever house and sign its placed in. Even having Neptune in the 6th house or 10th house can cause confusion surrounding your career. So, if you are the type of person who moved from one job to the next it's important to see why you are doing this? You truly need to find a career that makes you happy. Don't be afraid to edit and start over on projects because those changes can make you better.

Since you may be the type of person who gets bored easily the type of work that can suit you are jobs that allow freedom with security surrounding it? So, maybe, something in business, your own boss, writing, acting, an inventor, government jobs, and/or a manager. 

 Spiritual Meaning of 555

Now 555 is a message to keep yourself protected and keep a positive mind as massive change is coming and it's coming to teach you something. So, remember no matter if the message of change is good or bad it's all for your better development and the way you transform from these lessons will dictate your future. Building a stronger faith and intuition will help guide you in a more harmonious way through these changes. Please remember that the Divine and your angels are listening and don't be afraid to ask for help and guidance. Ultimately, in the end, your consistency will pay off. Rewards will be worth it if you go with the flow, accept setbacks, stay focused, and keep moving forward.


Possible Healing Remedies for this Energy:

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