44 Meaning, 44 Master Numerology Number and Angel Message - Patience I
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44 Meaning, 44 Master Numerology Number and Angel Message - Patience Is Key!

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


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Have you been seeing the number 44 often? Maybe you have been seeing other numbers linked to 44 such as 144, 844 and etc. Well as I have been working so hard on building my spiritual brand I have been seeing 44 so much. Starting with the number 4 in numerology which represents stability, dedication, persistence, working hard and realizing there's no short cuts. So when the number is doubled its magnified and is considered a Master number. Most people don't have a 44/8 life path currently maybe decades ago but you can still have this energy. Even by seeing it frequently there can be a message for you. Before I get into the spiritual meaning let me talk more about the Master 44/8 energy. The 8 linked to this is about material mastery, power and control. The 4(s) are about major stability. With the 44 energy you can be the person who constantly thinks about money. You may even be a person who wants to do good for others but no matter what line of work you are in you want success now. You can reach a point where you want it all or nothing because you are tired of all the hard work and waiting. See you want to skip steps when you must first master all the skills and talents needed to have long term success. It's all about mastery and being a master of something is not easy, it's definitely hard work. In tarot the card that correlated with this energy is the Hierophant card and the advice is always the same: Only through hard work, dedication, meditation and resolve can we find the Truth. No one is just granted "power" without hard work and everyone must begin at the beginning.

Spiritually your angels want to let you know that there are no short cuts in life especially for something that's worthwhile. Don't measure your growth by others you are special. Also don't be so hard on yourself because anger can build up when one gets so mad that things aren't moving as quickly as they expect. My dear you must balance your thoughts, try not to overthink things you must learn to stabilize and strengthen your mind and emotions. In astrology the 4 represents the family so if you have any family chaos try to resolve it (although it may be hard). Remember no steps can be missed and please don't be afraid of failure. If you have a karma number 4 if your numerology chart this message will strongly resonant.


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