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1234 Spiritual Meaning - Self Trust is Needed

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

What are Angel Numbers?

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are the numerical values that are used to convey special spiritual messages from God. God gives these messages to our angels since angels are simply messengers of God. This is why we do NOT pray to angels, ancestors, guides, or other deities directly. When you pray to any deity without going through God first you can be deceived as any spirit can come in and act like the deity you are calling upon. If people are praying to angels and/or guides but don’t believe in God (who created these entities/spirits) then this truly shows confusion (which is represented by Neptune, Pisces, and 12th house in our astrology charts).

Nonetheless, angel numbers such as 2222, 123, 777, 1234, and so on are numbers that can give us a better understanding of what God is trying to tell us. We can always ask God for clear and concise messages and to help guide us in the correct direction. It’s important to ask God to reveal the correct numbers to you that go with the issues you face so you can know what narrative God is trying to send you so you can understand it in modern language. You can also ask God to send your angels to you, for help and guidance during painful times. Going through God allows God to decide what’s best for you and NOT the DEVIL.

As spiritual beings, we should be moving ahead towards ascension and reaching the Divine (aka God, the Universe, the Almighty, and the Creator… same thing) in a peaceful manner. Otherwise, we will continue to come back to Earth and wonder why our lives are so wacky and unfulfilling. The reason I can speak so strongly about this matter is due to the fact that I am very intuitive, I have experienced encounters with good and bad entities and I study science (such as astrology and other scientific methods) that ALL tell me the same exact thing. Therefore, I have proof, for everything I talk about not just experiences, but scientific proof.  

Meaning and Symbolism - 1234 Angel Number

  Have you been trusting and following what everyone else tells you to follow? Instead of looking within and listening to your intuition? We all have excess to inner knowledge yet some people reach this quest quicker than others, but that does negate that we all still have it. One must quiet him/herself and build a stronger intuition to know what's right and wrong. See many of us, including me, have been faced with self-trust issues, we can feel like we need to manipulate a situation in order to get quick gratification but in the end, we lose our ability to think for ourselves. 1234 message to me was to stand strong and be the leader you were born to be. Stand in your truth and continuously expand spiritually and mentally. 1234 angel number holds a 10/1 energy which is about becoming more confident as a leader and with your creative gifts.  You can be the type of person who has experienced a lot of delays in life and/or betrayals from others and although this may be true it's important to not allow those negative people, negative experiences, and even negative thoughts to take over your life. Continue to manifest and build self-trust. Continue to meditate so that you can become more aligned with your angels and your true destiny. 


1234 in Love & Relationships 

I am constantly getting confirmations on these numbers so as the information comes I will post on the blog if feasible. Now as it relates to love 1234 still holds the same "trust your intuition' concept. Review the clickable image below where the popular yet deep artist by the name of H.E.R talks about listening to your intuition. The lyrics of the songs says a lot, and it is a prophetic meaning of 1234 especially relating to the love meaning of 1234, To breakdown the song for you it's saying if you are having strong doubt about someone BUT you refuse to listen to it then who can you really blame when those things actually manifest?  This goes for a woman and a man, although most people say women are more in tuned with their intuition than men, this is mainly because women are ruled by the Moon (a feminine planet which is about the emotions).



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