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123 Angel Number ~ Almost Is Never Enough | What’s Your Legacy?

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What Are Angel Numbers? Are Angels Listed in the Bible? 

Angels are simply messengers of God. I believe we all have angels, guides and ancestors here on Earth who help guide us through life. Some people aren't aware of these spiritual beings because some people are too busy with every day activities to stop and realize. Also some people are too egotistical to realize there are spiritual beings who help us, some people feel that they are the ONLY cause of their success, wisdom or etc. But at the end of the day there is only one higher source (aka God, the Divine, the Universe ... all those names/nouns are the same entity, just different terms used). Nonetheless, modern culture have decided to adopt the term "angel numbers" which I personally feel there's no problem with the term BUT we must never forget that angels are only messengers from GOD. (And FYI:  I am not a huge reader or believer in the bible since there are so many cracks in the 28 bibles created but when I discover something that I spiritually feel is true and what GOD is telling me to share than I will). Luke 1:11-19 verse 19 says: The angel said to him, “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news. <Also, for any reason if you feel anything is taking you off track or that you are becoming obsessed by numbers or anything then you need to STOP and reevaluate the situation. Ask God to help you see the truth and remove any confusion negative energies far away from you>.

 The Special Musical Message About Angel Number 123

As you can see I titled this “Almost Is Never Enough, What’s Your Legacy?” The first part of the title comes from Ariana Grande song and I feel that this song strongly correlates with the energies of the angel number 123. I’ll leave the link to the entire song below (click the image) but as with any song, there’s a message that the artist is trying to deliver and show to the listener. Sometimes if you listen closely to music you will notice that there can be multiple meanings within a song, even if it’s talking about love you can change it to mean something else that actually suits what you are going through in your life. For example, this Ariana Grande is talking about love but when my angels revealed the song to me at 1:23. The angel number 123 is linked to your legacy. So it made me think deeper, there’s a powerful section in Ariana song that I am going to rephrase and show you want I mean when I say songs can truly align with what you are going through..... "Almost, almost is never enough. So close to reaching that goal. If you would have known how close you were to reaching that goal, then you wouldn’t have given up so soon, like you did! You would have to keep pushing to reach that goal, but you almost, you almost knew what success was but until you decided to give up." So this means you could have reached that legacy or goal only if you held on a little longer because "almost is never enough!" We never know what an "Almost or could have or should have or maybe I could have" means because it leads to nothing. A common quote by Albert Einstein “You never fail until you stop trying.”

 Ariana Grande Almost Is Never Enough

The Numerology Meaning of Angel Number 123

 The number 1 stands for leadership, pioneer, creator, the boss, and new beginnings. The 1 can create its own destiny if everything else, particularly the chakras as aligned. We all can create our own destiny when we become mentally cleared of blockages and bondages. The number 2 holds a teamwork and relationship energy. 2s are about balance, duality, compliance, and cooperation. The number 3 is about communication, self-expression, spirituality, expansion and being jolly. All the numbers hold a spiritual energy behind them, but 3 is connected to the strong synchronicities of the following terms: Mind, Body and Soul or Father, Son, Holy Spirit, or The Past, Present and Future or 3 lucks a charm or 3 strikes and you are out.

 123 angel number willow soul


The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 123


If you have been seeing angel number 123 often it means there’s a leader in you, you are a boss who’s able to work successfully by yourself as well as on a team. I’ll go over a few careers for this energy later but, you are able to balance both feminine and masculine energies (aka Yin & Yang). Spiritually this number has a strong Trinity vibration and it's about letting the Divine of pure light nourish and guide you on this journey. Don’t let distractions take you away from your goals, especially bad relationships that no longer serve you. So, this means if you have been working on a relationship and/or a career for many years and you notice the energies surrounding those things are boring, dysfunctional, unrewarding, and just an overall let down then it’s time to change the script. Let your inner voice and God/ the Divine / Your Angels and Guides assist you towards a better path. With this powerful energy, it will be important to evaluate all your chakra and work on them. I have a few chakras, healing remedies, and services listed below. Spiritual growth, protection, and guidance are going to be needed and the only way you can get clear messages is to find a quiet place and meditate. During meditation, you can pray, say your mantras, and etc.

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The Astrology Meaning of Angel Number 123

 The celestial bodies that align with angel number 123 are the Sun, The Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the Midheaven. So look in your chart to see what aspects you have to those planets. Also see if you have a Leo/5th house or Cancer/4th house, or Taurus/2nd house or Libra/7th house or Sagittarius /9th house and/or 10th house placements. But automatically your Midheaven is in the 10th house so everyone has a 10th house. Now, these signs and houses can show you where your power lies especially your Midheaven placement. The Midheaven is about your life purpose and the career that can truly make you happy, it’s where you will get your achievement and where you feel most fulfilled. The Midheaven is your spiritual legacy! The Moon is your ancestry legacy and the legacy of your family. Venus and Jupiter represent the monetary things and luxuries we can obtain. The Sun is how we want to be seen, it’s our ego, our vitality our independence. A legacy is not only the money, property, royalties, or possessions that you create and leave for your family. A legacy is also your family, your offspring because they carry on your name and your DNA. Your offspring can change the world.

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The Love Meaning of Angel Number 123

When it comes to love, if you are in a loving relationship 123 can mean a big change in your relationship such as a committed relationship, a marriage, a baby and etc. is coming. A person who strongly aligns with the 123 energy can be a workaholic and may not think about love much. This person can be very mature and disciplined or you may be attracted to that type of person. Whichever one is the case it’s good to take your time and get to know the person, if this is a new relationship. If you are the nurturing kind of lover to and your partner, if you are already in a relationship, is a more business-savvy person or vs. Then this can be a great sign of starting a family business or some sort of business. You and your lover can become business partners. Look at your synastry in astrology for more details and the transits amongst you two, to determine if this is the case for you. But overall, if you are single or in a relationship keep your eyes open for opportunities. At the end of the day, you are the glue that keeps your family, friends, and/or community together.

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The Financial and Career Meaning of Angel Number 123

In the finance department, as most of us know, it takes money to make money, but one must be wise about how they spend with this 123 energy. Be logical and realistic about your finances and what you want to achieve. Pay attention to what you are spending your money on, and even the amount you are saving and spending. Always be grateful for what you currently have, so God / The Universe / The Divine can bless you with more. Also, if you are unsure of what direction to go in, then it’s time to seek help from a professional. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard question; remember a close mouth don’t get fed. You may feel like you are working your ass off, but it will pay off with strong detail skills, organization, concentration, and persistence. The careers that align with the angel number 123 are:  You can work in the public eye, a public figure, entrepreneur, in government, a manager, administrator, politician, philosopher, lawyer, bodyguard, realtor, investment banker, and mathematician.



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