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Does Hard Work Really Dictate A Person's Success or Is It Just LUCK?

Posted by Mike Johnson on

I love to read things on philosophy and hear peoples' view on LIFE! After 27 years on earth, I realized you can only dictate what's true to you as everyone has not experienced the same things. Some people have had it hard their entire life while others have skated through life with very few falls and bumps. Some people believe there’s a higher force guiding us through this journey of LIFE and others feel we're just here waiting to die just as the dinosaurs did 231.4 million years ago and others may feel that life is mostly based on LUCK.

"Remember the dictum that Hard Work Leads To Success, so working hard is entirely misplaced. Neither hope brings you success nor does hard work. You may keep working hard and harder but existence has its own wills and desires. Outcomes and events are governed as I said by an infinite number of factors. You can never decide. You can never be the master of what is going to happen. But we have been taught a misplaced sense of doer-ship. We have been taught that we can be in control. We have been taught that things can go as per our wish and planning. Whenever that is the mindset that things can go and must go as per my desires, my planning, my work, frustration is bound to be the outcome. What to do then?" (This paragraph came from a blog called- Words into Silence).

After reading this passage above I realize that society puts so much pressure on being the BEST and if you work hard you will be successful OR you can be anything you want to be if you just work hard at it. How true is this and who are we comparing these adages to be TRUE? Just because one person is a perfectionist and over achiever doesn’t mean everyone can have those same attributes and even those with similar attributes may never reach their meaning of success.

For example:  You have 2 entrepreneurs,  the 1st entrepreneur has been in business for 5 years, this person actually started 3 different businesses but none of them seemed to have that “IT Factor.” This company has spent thousands of dollars trying to market their brand and STILL nothing. They have given all they could to mode this business into something great but it’s seem no matter what they do something is preventing them from succeeding.  

The 2nd entrepreneur starts one business, spends money on marketing and branding the company and after 6 months the business is extremely successful. The business grossed over a million dollars after 8 months.

I have many examples from people being born with disabilities and illness that’s not under their control to kids being traumatized by molestation to recent college graduates studying so hard to obtain a degree that is useless or unrecognizable.   

Now from those examples presented above Where Does Hard Work Prevail? The person who has worked the hardest is still at square one. So now I choose my adages very carefully and I'm more empathetic to others situation because LUCK is a huge factor in a lot of things in life  whether you want to believe it or not ! But most people are so self consumed that it's a little harder for them to look deeper than themselves. 

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