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Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift Fiasco / Feud

Posted by Ayesha Brown on


Stars love to have these ridiculous social media fights, man thank goodness for social media! How else would we find out about all this juicy dirt that's directly from the horses mouths? It's like celebrities don't care anymore, they're willing to get 1000s of thumbs downs and negative replies for their FREEDOM of SPEECH.... I can say it hasn't always been this way. 

Now to this fiasco beef between Nicki and Taylor at the VMAs throwdown about the Video of the Year Category! Nicki was upset that Taylor kept winning and that her VIDEO Anaconda” and “Feeling Myself” got snubbed in the VMAs Video of the Year category, and just like that a TWITTER WAR began!


Let me be the 1st to say (well maybe not the 1st) that Anaconda shouldn't win a DAMN thing. The lyrics sucked it was degrading and just plan stupid! Now I did think the Beyonce and Nicki collaboration "Feeling Myself" was a good song, although again the VIDEO content sucked.... I mean give us more than eating hamburgers and riding in a pick-up truck... they probably regurgitated that burger during filming (just saying). 

Nonetheless, Taylor Swift has been winning everything.... what can you do about it..? It happened to Kanye, Beyonce and now you (Nicki)!

Now, Nicki should know how those other Female Rappers feel at the BET AWARDS when Nicki keep winning best FEMALE RAP ARTIST of the YEAR ( Nicki you have won for over 5 years). So won't you start with yourself and give the other lyricists a chance to WIN! Then just maybe Taylor will do the same for the rest of yall! 

We all know who would win if they got into a REAL fight......??????

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